Special Educator, BEd (Spl. Edu.), MA (Edu.), Parent Representative

Ms Shoba Srivastava

Society of Parents of Children with Autistic Disorders (SOPAN), India

Centre for Autism Research in Africa (CARA), Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Ms. Shoba Srivastava is a parent of a young man with Tuberous Sclerosis and autism. She is one of founder trustees of SOPAN. She has a degree in Special Education with a post graduate degree in education. She has worked with children with autism and other disabilities. As a parent, her experiences with working with her child have helped her working with other children with autism.

Ms. Srivastava has contributed significantly towards expansion of SOPAN’s projects and broadening its horizons. She has worked towards setting up each project and thereafter ensuring its smooth functioning. She has worked towards creating fund raising opportunities for SOPAN. She has forged relations with many institutions and groups who provide a platform for showcasing skills of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities through exhibitions of products. She has been instrumental in organising community awareness programs aimed at sensitising the general public and in garnering their participation in SOPAN’s projects.

Shoba Srivastava gives lectures at Suvidya College of Special Education (A project of SOPAN) which conducts the B.Ed in Special Education (Autism) and is affiliated to University of Mumbai and recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India. She has delivered lectures on autism and disability specific teaching strategies and methodologies at other institutes as part of their curriculum

Shoba Srivastava is a member of Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai since 2013. As part of the IRB she has reviewed several research papers which have come to the IRB for approval.

Shoba Srivastava is a core member of Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance of India (TSAI) which guided TSAI during the nascent years. TSAI was launched in 2018 during one of the conferences held in Mumbai organized by SOPAN and Kokilaben Ambani Hospital. She has worked towards creating a network of families in India and has facilitated in organizing meetings and workshops of TSAI in India. She is currently involved in translating the TAND checklist into Hindi, the national language of India. Shoba Srivastava has co-presented a poster “Understanding Tuberous Sclerosis in India” at the International Tuberous Sclerosis Research Conference held at Toronto in June 2019.

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