Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, MD

Dr Sebastián Cukier

Head of Psychopathology and Mental Health Department, “Pedro de Elizade” Pediatric Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Co-founder and Research Coordinator, PANAACEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sebastián Cukier is the Head of the psychopathology and mental health department in the “Pedro de Elizade” Pediatric Hospital, Buenos Aires; and the Co-founder and Research Coordinator in PANAACEA (Argentine Program for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions), Buenos Aires, Argentina. He trained in Medicine at Buenos Aires University, in Argentina, he did his clinical training in Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in Tobar García Hospital, in Buenos Aires, and he complemented his training in developmental conditions and child & adolescent psychopharmacology in the Western Psychiatric Hospital, at the University of Pittsburgh. He worked as a clinical psychiatrist at Tobar García Hospital for 13 years and at Fleni Foundation (Escobar City, Buenos Aires) for 10 years before he co-founded and co-directed PANAACEA since 2011.

He has a clinical research interest in assessment and intervention for children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions and mental health needs, and their families. He has focused also on neuroimaging and EEG research on autism and other developmental conditions, and on implementation science in low- and middle-income settings. He is part of a Latin American Research Network (REAL) where he developed and published epidemiological research together with scientists from other 8 Latin American countries. He is also part of RedEA (Autism Spectrum Network), a network formed by parent associations, universities and NGOs related to autism and developmental conditions, that works on awareness, public policies, research and community work related to ASD.

Dr. Sebastián Cukier is also Co-founder and Coordinator of Mental Health in Ados Foundation (for the health of adolescents and their families). He is also Supervisor of residents in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the pediatric public hospitals in Buenos Aires (Tobar García Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Ricardo Gutierrez Pediatric Hospital and Pedro Elizalde Pediatric Hospital). And he is vice-president of the Intellectual Disability and Development Chapter of the Argentine Psychiatric Association (APSA)

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