Consensus Recommendations for TAND

As part of the TANDem Project, the international, interdisciplinary and participatory TAND Consortium set out to develop consensus recommendations on the identification and treatment of TAND. We adopted an extensive iterative process to develop these consensus recommendations including literature reviews on TAND within the field of TSC and cluster-relevant literature reviews outside the field of TSC. We then implemented a range of consensus-building activities to generate a final set of consensus recommendations.

These recommendations include ten general principles for the identification and treatment of TAND for all individuals with TSC, as well as specific recommendations for each of the seven natural TAND clusters (Autism-like, Dysregulated behaviour, Eat/Sleep, Mood/Anxiety, Overactive/Impulsive, Neuropsychological, and Scholastic clusters), and an eighth wraparound Psychosocial cluster. These recommendations are available in an open access paper published in the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders. These should provide a systematic framework to approach the identification and treatment of TAND for families and their health, educational, and social care teams. We are building these recommendations into a practical toolkit for families within a smartphone app.

Consensus Recommendations Paper